Sunday, August 06, 2006


How To Save Civilization

HOW TO SAVE THE WORLD, and make everybody on Earth too idly rich to bother with making war.

One hundred years ago, in 1905, Albert Einstein showed the World the path to a perfect future where everybody is rich and content. But nobody listened.

Einstein's paradigm E=mc² equation proved that any physical mass is merely highly concentrated energy, just waiting for the right set of conditions to be released and used for mankind’s benefit.

For instance, when the protons in ordinary pure water are extracted into controlled couplings to yield Helium, the excess energy released is inexhaustible.

Unfortunately, ubiquitous, hegemonistic, "military thinkers,” seeking only a BIG BANG Weapon Of Mass Destruction, were first to uncork the bottle containing "The E=mc² Proton Genie."

But in fact, it requires only one solitary individual with a little fortuitous tinkering to re-open the door to Einstein’s great and wonderful vision for everybody… the vision of a “Free Energy Paradise on Earth.”

The rest is prologue.

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